NM KOREAN BABY FACE - The Beauty of Facial Fat Grafting

As we age, our face tends to lose volume and this leads to facial droopiness and we start looking haggard.  Now I advice my patients that require a full face volume replenishment to undergo the NM Korean Baby Face. This is essentially a fat grafting procedure, where fat is harvested from the donor sites such as the thigh and abdomen and transferred to the face after being processed.

The features to be enhanced and the design of the face vary depending on the one’s aesthetic point of view. Although I always give my professional aesthetic opinion on the areas that require more volume to improve facial harmony to restore a youthful appearance, I look forward to discuss with my patients to understand their perception and expectation.

I love to do this procedure because I can design and enhance features of patients at an affordable cost.

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Benefits of fat grafting

  1. Able to achieve full face contouring as desired. (Temple, Sunken upper lid, Tear trough, Midface, Chin, Jawline, Lips, Nose)

  2. Usually lasts 5-10 years

  3. Antiaging :
    • The fat deposited in the right place improves facial volume leading to a youthful appearance.   
    • The fat cells contain stem cells that restore and repairs skin. This creates a rejuvenated complexion with improved skin suppleness, reduction in pores size, and an overall increase in radiance.
  4. Minimally invasive procedure

  5. Fast recovery – with minimal downtime

  6. Able to resume daily activities – the day after the procedure. Some swelling because of the procedure might take 5-7 days to subside.

    The NM Korean baby face is an excellent anti-aging aesthetic procedure with long lasting results. Maybe it’s time you give it a try!

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