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Coolsculpting In Malaysia & Kuala lumpur : No.1 Coolsculpting & Fat Freezing Treatment Clinic in Malaysia

Coolsculpting is a new, non-invasive technology that uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat cells. Coolsculpting is FDA-cleared and the only non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells safely and effectively. There are no needles, no surgery, and no downtime. The procedure uses a device that applicators to the skin to cool it to a temperature that will cause the fat cells to die. The body then eliminates these cells over time. Coolsculpting is non-invasive and does not require any recovery time.

Also, Coolsculpting is not a weight-loss procedure, but it can help you lose inches from your waist, hips, and thighs. The CoolSculpting procedure is safe, comfortable, and effective. Thus, the results are noticeable and long-lasting. 

Coolsculpting is safe and effective for all body types.

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What is CoolSculpting?

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How CoolSculpting (Fat Freezing) Works ?

Coolsculpting is a fat freezing technology used to eliminate unwanted fats. The process begins by applicators being applied to the target area. These applicators deliver controlled cooling to the tissues below the skin. This cold temperature causes the fat cells to freeze and die. Over time, these dead cells are naturally eliminated from the body. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that does not require any downtime.

Benefits of CoolSculpting & Fat Freezing ?

No Downtime after the Procedure

Coolsculpting has no recovery period after the procedure. After a 30 minute to 1 hour session, you can get up and go to work without needing to take time off. After the procedure, your body will go about the business of deconstructing and removing the frozen fat cells. This process happens as a natural part of the procedure. Many processes like liposuction achieve similar results but with at least a day’s recovery time. Coolsculpting is a quick and convenient procedure that has no impact on your daily life.

A Comparatively Pain-Free Procedure

Coolsculpting is comparatively pain-free to almost all similar types of procedures. You may feel a slight tugging or tingling sensation as the fat cells freeze. However, compared to liposuction where pain can be felt for up to four days afterward, coolsculpting has no recovery period or downtime associated with the procedure.

Treat Multiple Body Areas in One Go

Easily target multiple areas of the body in one coolsculpting session. From your chin to your thighs, coolsculpting allows you to shape any area in a matter of one to two sessions. Though results and the recommended number of treatments may vary, you can quickly eliminate fat cells in numerous places.

Permanent Removal of Fat Cells

If you have difficulty losing weight in specific areas, where diet and exercise seem to be of little to no solution, Coolsculpting can permanently remove those hard to target fat cells. It’s important to remember that coolsculpting won’t stop you from gaining weight in the future—like everything, you must maintain your body. Proper diet and exercise will help you keep the fat cells from reappearing in the same area, not to mention help tone your newly discovered figure.

See the Results in 2-3 Months

You will see the results after only three months, as your body gradually breaks down and removes the frozen fat cells. Over three months you’ll begin to see noticeable results as your body naturally slims down.

Benefit from Coolsculpting with Skin Wellness

NextMed Clinic is an expert in coolsculpting. Our experts will talk through the coolsculpting procedure with you, and advise on certain healthy diets and preparation for before the procedure. This includes minimal preparation like avoiding tanning or damaging the area that will be sculpted.

More Cost-Effective

Coolsculpting is far more cost-effective when compared to similar procedures, such as liposuction. Other treatments can be more expensive, involve anesthesia, require a long recovery time, and are heavily invasive. By comparison, coolsculpting targets wider fat locations, is non-invasive, doesn’t require any form of anesthesia, and doesn’t involve any downtime whatsoever.

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Frequent Asked Question (FAQ) About Coolsculpting & Fat Freezing In Malaysia & Kuala Lumpur

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes and eliminates unwanted fat. The results are long-lasting, as long as you maintain your weight. Additionally, the fat cells that are destroyed by CoolSculpting are gone for good.

You can do Coolsculpting as often as you like, but it is recommended to wait at least four weeks between treatments of the treated areas.

After the fat is frozen with CoolSculpting, it is slowly eliminated by the body. The amount of time it takes to see results varies from person to person, but most people start to see a change in their appearance four to six weeks after their treatment.

The fat cells that are destroyed by CoolSculpting are eliminated through the body’s natural processes. The fat is not released into the bloodstream and it is not stored in any other part of the body.

The downside of Coolsculpting is that it can be expensive, and it may not be covered by insurance. Additionally, it can take several weeks or months for the full results to be visible.

There is no such thing as a permanent fat loss treatment. However, CoolSculpting does offer long-term results. Most people see a noticeable reduction in the number of fat cells in the treated area after one treatment. And, many people report that their results last for years.

There is no such thing as a permanent fat reduction treatment. However, CoolSculpting is one of the longest-lasting and most effective treatments available. Most patients see a noticeable reduction in fat after just one treatment, and the results continue to improve over time.

Yes, CoolSculpting is effective for reducing belly fat. The procedure targets and cools fat cells under the skin, causing them to die. Over time, the body naturally eliminates these dead cells, resulting in a reduction in the amount of fat tissue.

There is a small chance that some fat may come back after coolsculpting, but most people see a significant reduction in fat cells after the treatment. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that uses cold temperatures to destroy fat cells, so it is a safe and effective way to reduce unwanted body fat.

There is no guarantee that the fat will not come back after coolsculpting, but most patients do experience a significant reduction in fat cells. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment to help keep the results long-term.

There is no evidence that CoolSculpting can be performed more frequently than every other month. In fact, the manufacturer recommends waiting at least six weeks between treatments.

There is no set rule for how often you can undergo CoolSculpting treatments. Some people may experience desired results after just one treatment, while others may require a series of treatments for optimal results. Speak with your doctor to see what would be the best treatment plan for you.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes away fat. It is typically used to reduce fat on the stomach, thighs, and arms. Most people require at least two treatments to see results.

It depends on the size of your stomach and how much fat you want to remove. Typically, people need 1-3 treatments to achieve their desired results.


CoolSculpting is not painful, and most people report feeling a tingling sensation during the treatment. You can resume your normal activities immediately after your session.

There is some discomfort associated with the coolsculpting procedure, but most people find it tolerable. The area being treated will be cooled to a very cold temperature, and you may feel a tingling or numbing sensation.

You should start to see some results after two weeks, but the full results will take a few months to show.

CoolSculpting is FDA-approved to reduce the amount of fat in the abdomen, love handles, back and flanks. A single CoolSculpting treatment can remove up to 25% of the fat in the treated areas.

There is no evidence that CoolSculpting tightens skin. In fact, one study showed that there was no difference in the appearance of skin before and after treatment with CoolSculpting. However, some people do report a slight tightening of the skin after treatment. This may be due to the fact that CoolSculpting causes fat cells to die, which can lead to a slight reduction in the size of the treated area.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes and eliminates unwanted fat cells. The results are noticeable and dramatic, with patients seeing a reduction in fat in the treated area after just one treatment. Most patients report that they see a noticeable reduction in fat after two treatments, but individual results may vary.

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