Dark Eye Circle Laser + FREE Oxyglass Facial

Health Screening RM99

Pink Lips Laser + FREE Oxyglass Facial

Pico Acne Clear (3 in 1)

Pigment Fade Away

ScarAway Therapy

Double Eyelid Suture 40% OFF

Nose Thread Lift 50% OFF

Awet Muda Facial 54% OFF

Pink Lips Laser / Dark Eye Circle Therapy RM998 (3x Sessions)

GA Glow Peel RM998 (4x Sessions)

EnLive Facial RM998 (5x Sessions)

RM 998 Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip (10x Sessions)

RM 998 Wrinkle Reduction (2x Parts)

RM 998 Combo Whitening Drip 2x Sessions + 1 Box Oxythion

RM 998 Oxyglass Facial Treatment (10x Sessions)

RM 1,998 Combo Rejuran i/s 2x Sessions + KCSB 2x Sessions

RM 1,998 Combo Mesolipoloss Double Chin 3x Sessions + V Shape 1x Session

RM 1,998 Mesolipoloss Double Chin 5x Sessions

RM 1,998 Laser Freckles Removal 4x Sessions + FREE NM Sunscreen

RM 1,998 Korean Crystal Shine Booster 5x Sessions

RM 1,998 Vampire Facial 5x Sessions

RM 1,998 Combo NextSculpt + Body Analysis

RM 2,998 PicoNext Laser 5 in 1 + FREE Oral Heliocare

RM 2,998 Combo Rejuran Healer 1x Sessions + Rejuran i/s 1x Sessions

RM 2,998 Combo Hyabell Filler 2x Sessions + Barbie Glow 1x Sessions

RM 2,998 Combo Hair Los Therapy 5x Sessions + FREE NM Hair Shampoo & Hair Spray

RM 2,998 Combo Profhilo 1x Sessions + Rejuran i 1x Sessions

RM 3,998 Combo Gouri 2x Sessions + PicoNext Laser 2x Sessions

RM 3,998 Combo Rejuran Healer 2x Sessions + Rejuran i/s 1x Sessions

RM 3,998 Hyabell Filler 3x Sessions

RM 3,998 Combo Radiesse 1x Sessions + Hyabell 1x Sessions

RM 3,998 PicoNext All Layer Laser 6x Sessions

RM 5,998 Combo Belotero 2x Sessions + Hyabell 2x Sessions + FREE NM Travel Set

RM 5,998 Sylfirm X 4x Sessions

RM 5,998 Combo Juvederm 2x Sessions + Hyabell 2x Sessions + FREE NM Travel Set

RM 5,998 Combo HIFU Full Face 2x Sessions + PicoNext Laser 4x Sessions + FREE NM Mask

RM 5,998 Combo CoolSculpting + NextSculpt 4x Sessions

Why Choose Us ?

As one of the Leading Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia, NextMed Clinic provides top-notch procedures by Certified Medical Practitioners. Whatever your concerns, be it enhancing your natural features or reversing the signs of aging, NextMed Clinic is able to deliver a wide range of quality, state of art & personalized aesthetic, general health services & wellness solution, merged with exemplary service, in a warm and pleasent enviroment designed to make you feel completely at ease.

At NextMed Clinic, we strongly believe that each patient is unique. Therefore treatments are customized to each patient’s specific needs.

NextMed Clinic
Petaling Jaya

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