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Is the Penis Truly Small ?

Many people experience anxiety about whether their penis is big enough and if it will satisfy a sexual partner. A man’s perception of his penile length can greatly affect his self-esteem. But before we dive into the how to enlarge, let us first know what is the average size among men.

According to the biggest study to date, published in the journal BJU International, measured the members of 15,521 men across the globe. The average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches and 4.59 inches in girth. When flaccid, the average length is 3.6 inches stretched, and the girth is 4.59 inches.

Notice that both length and girth is mentioned in the study above because while most men worry about their penis length, most partners agree that the width gives them the utmost pleasure. 

Can the Penis Size be Increased ?

Definitely! There are both surgical as well as non-surgical methods available.

Non-surgical penile enlargement treatment that uses Hyaluronic Acid fillers which are FDA approved and have been widely used for many years or Autologous Fat Transfer. It is safe, reversible and most importantly able augment the size of the shaft as well as the glans penis. On average, the girth of the penis can be increased to up to 15%.

Many of our clients are very satisfied with the results and it has helped boost their confidence and ultimately achieve a more robust and healthy sex life.

What about Penis Length ?

Many have the illusion that their penis length is short. However, when evaluated with a proper measuring modality, it actually falls on the average length category. But we do agree that it looks shorter than it actually is. Why is that?

When fat accumulate above the penis, be it a bulging pubic fat pad or folded abdominal fat, it makes your penis seem retracted and hence shorter. We have treatment to help rid of the fat covering the penis (especially in overweight patients). Suprapubic liposuction and cryolipolysis (fat freezing using coolsculpting) can be done to allow more penile shaft to be exposed.

Reducing weight also helps reduce metabolic syndrome. Studies have shown have metabolic syndrome is associated with poorer erection causing erectile dysfunction. So, for a harder, stronger and longer penis, get motivated to lose those kilograms. Our team will recommend the right weight loss regime suitable for your goals.

Another factor that hides the penis making it seem smaller in contrast is a bushy pubic region. It is time for some manscaping. Most partners actually prefer the down under to be a clean landscape rather than a bushy forest. If you find shaving to be hassle, we have the latest hair removal treatment for a painless and shaving-accident free session.

However, if none of the aforementioned illusions are present and lengthening is still the goal, surgical option of ligamentolysis complimented with a traction device that can be done to make the penis appear longer.

How is Penile Enlargement Done ?

First things first, is to have a consultation session with our aesthetic doctors to see if you are a suitable candidate. We have a thorough session to understand your worries, expectations, concerns and also to note any existing underlying medical condition and known allergies.

As for the treatment process, the area of injections will be disinfected and then given local anaesthetic. Rest assured, the procedure will be comfortable and quick. Both fillers or fat transfer will be injected into specific areas of the penis including the shaft and tip for a thicker penis. An extra step will be added for fat transfer where the fat is first taken from either the thigh or back of the thigh and then processed into smaller molecules before injecting.

This process only takes up at most about 1 hour to complete with minimal downtime. You can go on with your daily life activities as soon as the procedure is over. Autologous fat transfer will take a longer period due to the extra step in extracting and processing the fat prior to injection.

Benefits Gained from Penile Enlargement

As mentioned right at the beginning, men self-confidence and self-esteem can be greatly affected by the length and size of their penis. The procedure mentioned above deliver safe, instant and effective results with minimal downtime. With a renewed confidence and tool at your disposal, you can dive back into action in no time.

Added benefits:

Safety Profile

Penile filler are FDA approved and widely used for many years. Autologous Fat transfer have a close to zero possibility of triggering an allergic reaction as it is your own fat.

Lasting Longer

by injecting filler/fat over the glans penis, it not only makes it bigger but also creates a barrier between the skin and the nerve endings making the glans less sensitive and hence last longer during the act (treatment for premature ejaculation)

Minimal Side Effects

As the procedure is minimally invasive, only minimal swelling for about 1-2 days and small bruises at the site of injection. No scar!

Look & Feel Natural

Both modality of injection gives off not just a natural look but feel of your penis.

NO downtime:

You may resume your daily routine as usual after the procedure. No one will know.


we are professional aesthetic doctors and safeguard client confidentiality for any treatment done at our clinic.

 To find out more about treatment options for penile enlargement available at NextMed Clinic, please do contact us at +6011-3341-0688 or or visit any of our branches in Petaling Jaya, Cheras and Setia Alam.

Frequent Asked Question (FAQs) About Penile Enlargement Clinic in KL

Hyaluronic acid fillers used in our treatment is gradually absorbed by the body over the period of 12-18 months.

Fat grafting results are longer lasting, with up to 40-60% of fat surviving after the first treatment.

As hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in our body, it has a very low chance of producing allergic reaction. If there is any unsatisfactory outcome from the size or shape of the penis following the treatment, an antidote can be injected to dissolve the filler. This significantly reduces the risk of treatment compared to synthetic fillers or mineral oil injections that can have catastrophic complications.

On average men require about 10 to 30ml for shaft and glans penis enlargement.

The doctor will advise you to massage the hyaluronic filler and or fat graft over the penis to ensure a more even distribution.

Shave the area. If you are not circumcised, retract the foreskin and clean the glans penis with soap and water. This will reduce risk of infection during the procedure.

You can resume sexual activity, including masturbation after 2 weeks. This will allow the filler or fat graft to be positioned within the penile tissue and prevent migration.

Why Choose Us ?

As one of the Leading Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia, NextMed Clinic provides top-notch procedures by Certified Medical Practitioners. Whatever your concerns, be it enhancing your natural features or reversing the signs of aging, NextMed Clinic is able to deliver a wide range of quality, state of art & personalized aesthetic, general health services & wellness solution, merged with exemplary service, in a warm and pleasent enviroment designed to make you feel completely at ease.

At NextMed Clinic, we strongly believe that each patient is unique. Therefore treatments are customized to each patient’s specific needs.

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